An art gallery on the runway


Fashion is as much an art form as a utility that hides our naked body from the world.

That’s why the Academy of Art University’s runway shows at New York Fashion Week are such fun.

The students, for the moment, forego the practical matters of providing clothing worthy of a big box retail store and instead follow their visions and present their unique points of view.

This was clearly the case this September.

The students clearly were playing with the qualities of their chosen fabrics, silhouettes, and making statements.

That’s not to say the clothes offered no opportunities to be worn outside of an art gallery. There were many pieces on Sept. 10 that could be worn by the adventurous sort—man and woman. There were also plenty of garments that I could see catching the eye of stylists for pop stars and music video directors.

For instance, Nina Nguyen Hui offered ethereal and flowing gowns that would seem fit for an outdoor party.

Lindsey Trueman offered structured garments that might not be out of place at the office of a trendy fashion or arts publication or website.

Ben Ellis’s menswear also should grab the attention of the stylists working with groups like One Direction or the separate Jonas boys.

But then other designers like GeuMi Lee let innovation and imagination take over.


Runway show