Pull on those shades: Drew Barrymore has new line of sunglasses, eyeglasses



Sunglasses are key to American pop culture and fashion.

Think of how many songs were inspired by a pair of sunglasses. Think of how many movie characters were shaped by the sunglasses they pull up to their face. Think of how many musicians’ iconic status was heightened by their shades.

Yes, sunglasses can serve a utilitarian purpose—keeping the sun out of your eyes.

But, they also are about defining your personal style.

Movie star Drew Barrymore has joined the sunglass universe with her new line, Flower, which is available exclusively at Walmart.

Press materials explain, “Personally designed by Drew, each style in the Flower Eyewear collection is named after one of Drew’s movie character names, which include Charlie, Edie, Maggie and many more.”

In addition to the sunglasses, Flower offers frames for your prescription glasses as well.

Models Jade Soto and Taylor Plourde try on some of the styles now available from Flower at Walmart.