It’s March, time for celebrations


It’s March everyone.

In the past, March was always was a celebratory time for my family as we are Irish.

My mother was the first generation of Irish-born Americans. My grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins all came straight from Kilkenny, Ireland and Roscommon.

So March is a very important family holiday for the family.

But eight years ago that changed. March was all about drinking and eating. Things like Irish soda bread, green bagels, Guinness beer , corned beef and cabbage.

These days March means something a little bit different.

March happens to be the beginning of all of these walks and runs. The Shamrock Run. The Shamrock Walk.

In different cities, people dress in funny costumes and run for charity. They run for health awareness . They run for all kinds of reasons.

They have all kinds of physical activities adorned with shamrocks and runners dressed like leprechauns.

At first, as a proud Irishmen, I didn’t know what to think of it all. I wasn’t sure I could participate in many of them even after surgery.

I started slowly with walks, then walks with hills, and then I took the kids along.

I’m happy to say that this year my husband celebrated with his very first 5k Shamrock run. It was a family affair because my sister-in-law is an avid marathon runner and she convinced him to train and get ready.

Airen made an impressive timing per mile and finished around 900th out of about 2,000. For his first ever Shamrock 5K that was something I was very proud of.

To top it all off him and Mandy , his sister, and their troupe of friends won first place for costumes.

It’s funny how Health and Fitness and Wellness can spread to the people around you sometimes without you even realizing it. You can influence and Inspire and encourage people around you and not even see it.

My sister-in-law certainly inspires those around her with her healthy and active lifestyle , which encouraged my husband, which to be honest with you, has encouraged me to get back on the fitness track.

After six months of working at a desk and then running my own home-based business, there’s nothing encouraging me to stay healthy and on track with physical activity these winter days.

Now, I’m encouraged by those around me and their accomplishments.

I am told March is the beginning of the marathon season.

March can be the kickoff to spring. But it also is the official kickoff to getting healthy, meeting goals and accomplishments, and checking off items from your bucket list.

So let’s spring be not just a fresh start for nature but a fresh start to getting healthy just in time for summer. Remember to make it a family celebration.

(It’s also my husband’s birthday. He maybe turning a year older but he is doing his best to stay young and healthy. I love you babe, Happy Birthday.)

Patricia Miller is a weight loss surgery patient advocate and volunteer.

Airen Miller and his sister Mandy.
Patricia Miller