Going for extra runs… La’Moo is a hit



When a fashion designer plans a runway show, especially a designer outside of the big fashion capitals, the temptation is there to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

Coming up with a coherent story in your clothes for the catwalk is a difficult task that even the big names in fashion design struggle with.

But with her collection at Hartford Fashion Week on April 21, designer Bertha Angelo of La’Moo worked a consistent Asian theme through her line. More times than not, she knocked the ball around the base paths a few times to the delight of Connecticut fashion fans at the Colt Armory in Hartford.

You could see the breadth of Asian influences in her line from the silhouettes, to the fabrics, to the details. And she maintained those influences from the first model to the last. She also avoided the pitfall of veering into costume making. At no time was there a sense that you accidentally gad walked into a costume production meeting for Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado.” These were clothes you wanted in your closet… not in the backstage dressing room.

The line was modern, sexy, and demonstrated that the Connecticut-based designer is not afraid to share her creative voice.