Art meets fashion at the Armory


Fashion, for most, is about sheltering our naked form. For some, it’s about declaring our individualist and status.

But, fashion is also an art form.

And that’s the path that was taken by Taj Mirage in its fashion presentation/ runway show at Hartford Fashion Week on April 21 in the Colt Armory in Hartford.

The mix of florals, body paint, and wire forms—and a good deal of flesh– unlikely would cut it in a walk down the street.

It might make the cut at some parties.

But mostly, the collection created by sometime model Tajah Ramsey was about showing off her creativity and her acumen at art.

In that regard, she captured the attention of the crowd gathered in the industrial space who eagerly took photographs of the garments and rushed to have their photos and selfies taken with the models during and after the presentation.