Modest brides take delight: A new collection from Rachael Karrington Designs


Brides in Western culture typically wear white.

Convention says this was to indicate that the bride was pure… a virgin… for her betrothed.

Over time, that convention morphed. Brides still wear white but designers have slipped in a voluptuous sexiness… indicating the bride was desirable. The purity… the modesty of the bride… was made superfluous.

But with modest fashion beginning to trend, there is a desire by brides once again for gowns that reflect a new… yet time-honored…  sensibility.

Connecticut’s Rachael Karrington Designs already focused its collections on the modest woman. However, the clothing still emphasized the beauty of the female with silhouettes that were still very much about femininity.

In a Facebook posting, the brand stated, “Our F/W ’18 Modest Collection is inspired by Proverbs 31. Virtuousness connotes goodness, decency, righteousness and morality. It is conforming to standards of what is right, just and to approved codes of behavior. Virtuousness is the condition of being morally pure. The virtuous woman is a woman of strength; made strong by wisdom, grace and the fear of TMH. The designs are modest, stylish and unique.”

The brand is now veering into the world of bridal wear.

In October, Rachael Karrington Designs will be launching White Prism, which shields the bride from showing skin but still makes her feel feminine.

Rachael Karrington Designs offered up a sneak peak of her new bridal wear in this fashion editorial with model Cassidy Mucherino at Black Rock Dam in Thomaston, Conn.