Model Mob: What is your favorite color for spring fashions?


Model Mob is a group of area fashion models who weigh in on a variety of issues for and provide selfies and self-submitted photographs that illustrate their replies.

This week, the Mob was asked, What is your favorite color to wear for spring?

Aislinn Ennis, through her mother Margaret Vu Ennis, said her “favorite spring color looks like yellow/gold. She likes whites, reds for summer. Turquoise is her favorite overall color and she wears that in any season.”

Kayla Nappi said, “My favorite color is gold! It pops out and reminds me of a sunny spring day and, that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.”

Katerina Reichenbach said she loves floral prints for spring.

Michela Erksa, through her mother Daniella, said she likes bright colors that mix and match for spring.

Kelsey Dixon said, “Burgundy has always been my go to color to wear during the spring time. I just love the color on me!”

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