Connecticut woman heads to Nevada to vie for national crown


Southington’s Kimberly Beaudoin is vying for a chance to see if will be crowned queen of the nation.

Beaudoin, who is the current Mrs. Connecticut USA Universal, is in Reno, Nev. competing in the Mrs. USA Universal pageant. She spent most of last week preparing for her journey.

Results won’t be available till after the finals on July 28.

“Right now I am feeling full of mixed emotions,” said Beaudoin via Facebook Messenger. “I’m experiencing anxiety trying to get all my projects finished before I leave. I also have nervous butterflies as the days get closer until I compete for the ultimate job of Mrs. USA Universal. I’m also excited to meet all the amazing women who I will now call family.”

Prior to the final countdown to Reno, Beaudoin said, “I have been preparing for the past eight months… by promoting this amazing pageant system, promoting my passion/platform – ‘Cancer Awareness and Funding,’ working out with Foresi’s Individualized Training (of Southington), staying healthy with Grant Chiropractic (of Southington), keeping my skin healthy with Aria Medical Aesthetics (of Southington), and shopping with Soft Surroundings, Modern Vintage and Doll Swimwear.”

“Thanks to the help of my sponsors and my friends I feel prepared to go to Reno and bring back the USA title,” said Beaudoin.

Of the pageant, Beaudoin said, “I will be competing for Mrs. USA Universal, the People’s Choice award— voting has been online for months— and possibly Mrs. Universal— whoever wins Mrs. USA will then compete for Mrs. Universal. The categories that will be judged are Interview, Fitness Wear, Gown and then On – Stage questions.”

“My favorite phase of competition is the interview,” said Beaudoin. “I love to meet new people and I am always excited to share my thoughts, dreams and of course my passion.”

While she’s at Mrs. USA Universal, Beaudoin said, “I am most looking forward to meeting the amazing USA and Universal contestants, the reigning queens, my amazing director, photographer and choreographer.”

Beaudoin had represented the state previously as Mrs. Connecticut America in 2014 and competed at Mrs. America.

“Participating in pageants is something I love to do,” said Beaudoin. “It gives me goals to meet and keep. It keeps me motivated. But most of all, holding a title gives me a louder voice when promoting not just my passion of ‘Cancer Awareness and Funding,’ but all the charities that I help out with. And that makes all the preparation for these pageants worth it.”

Beaudoin’s ultimate goal for Reno is to win, “I would be honored to be Mrs. USA Universal on July 28 and I truly believe that I would be the hardest working queen.”

Mrs. Connecticut USA Universal Kimberly Beaudoin of Southington.
Mrs. Connecticut USA Universal Kimberly Beaudoin of Southington.
Kimberly Beaudoin of Connecticut is competing for Miss USA Universal in Reno, Nev. this week.
Kimberly Beaudoin of Connecticut is competing for Miss USA Universal in Reno, Nev. this week.