Model Confidential: Tara Burke


“Model Confidential” is a series where we meet the people who make the clothes come alive.


Name: Tara AJ Burke


Age: 34


Home state: Connecticut


Why do I like modeling?:

I enjoy modeling for a few reasons.

It is my outlet for self expression and a form of therapeutic healing.

It allows me to be on “the other side of the canvas” for a change, and help transform someone’s artistic vision into a reality.

Modeling allows me to be a positive role model for young woman and an inspiration to those going thru a difficult journey; with positivity, set goals, compassion and faith you can make it all happen.

It has become an outlet and way of self expression and healing: I went thru a traumatic event a few years ago now, and had found myself lost under a pretty dark cloud. While processing through my healing process I became a health and wellness coach, and that led me into a random modeling project. I had modeled doing stock photography years back, but this time around was different. I needed help finding myself again, build my confidence back up and start connecting with people again. Doing the initial modeling project did all of these things. The project went on to be a six page spread in a fashion magazine and the response from it all sparked something in me again.

Modeling lets me be someone else’s “art-piece.” As an artist myself (I also am an art therapist, art facilitator and clinical specialist of a non-profit organization supporting individuals with Developmental and psychiatric disabilities) I can appreciate reversing the roles and transforming into someone else’s vision. Modeling can be so selective but it can also be open to many types of shapes and sizes. I have been told that I can be easily transformable, and can pull of many different looks. I have been brunette, burgundy, bleach blonde, dirty blonde, orchid and mermaid blue, long locks, to a short pixie cut. It is like playing Mystique, no-one recognizes me by the next event and I sort of like that mystery.

I also like modeling because it lets me be a positive role model to many other woman who are considering getting into the business. Becoming a health and wellness coach was a choice I made to become healthier, stronger, more tone, and best of all more positive. Being a fit model and going to auditions and shoots with my “mom bag” of prepped snacks and drinks has been a topic of conversation many times. I have noticed how many young models are so excited to audition for something that sometimes they are unaware of the lengthy process. I have seen them come with not even a water bottle, or snack for a five hour long audition. I like to be prepared and take my nutrition very seriously. Staying hydrated, and well nourished can help keep you be fueled for those all day auditions; it keeps your focus, allows you to stay looking refreshed, and gives you energy to hopefully nail the audition.


Who are my Fashion Icons?

I grew up in the era of “Punky Brewster,” “Blossom,” and “Saved by the Bell” while listening to Jewel, Madonna, Sublime, and Eminem. Those were some major influences of my fashion I suppose, haha. I was a tomboy for the most part growing up. I appreciate anyone that creates a piece for practicality or an artistic expression, and not worried about thinking outside the box.


My favorite designer?

I had a dear friend introduce me to the works of Alexander McQueen. The art, passion, and creative mind that are expressed in the pieces are mind blowing.


Describe your wardrobe choices when you’re not modeling?

When I am at my full time job its business casual that is glittered with paint splatters, all of my shoes have paint blotches on them, and I rock an apron covered in layers of paint and is a piece of art itself. Then aside from that, I love the yoga pants, sneaks and I love my hoodies. Modeling is my chance to get glammed up.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Talenti Ice cream/gelato.


The one thing you can’t leave home without.

Aside from the standard answer of cell phone, I always have my nutritional shake with me heading out the door in the morning. Fuels me for the long mornings ahead.


Favorite Music:

I listen to pretty much anything…depending on my mood you can catch me jamming out to Lindsey Stirling’s instrumental creating art, doing yoga to some relaxation channel, or tearing up to Kenny Chesney’s “Humble and Kind.”


Favorite food?

Despite being a health and wellness coach, don’t let that mislead you, I enjoy food. I love fresh Maine Lobster, a good stuffed burger, grilled pizza or a classic Cobb salad. YUM



Bust: 32/34”

Waist: 26.5”

Hips: 38”

Biceps: 11.5

Height: 5’8”



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