Why it’s never to early to work on your summer body



During the winter season, you can only think about how cold it is and all those big, warm sweaters that you get to hide your body in . If you’re lucky enough to live in a n area that is warm all year round, is the winter season possibly your off season? No matter the excuse, your body needs full attention and care all year. Working on your summer body is a concept that most people tend to start when it’s too late. Ever hear that summer bodies are made in the winter? That is 1 0 0 % true. It is never too early to work on your summer body.

For starters, a summer body transformation does not happen overnight. It takes time. Patience, consistency, and constant discipline is crucial in order to achieve your summer body goals. Depending on your vision, it can take weeks, months and even up to a year to get to where you want. Understanding that the “ dream body” that you have always wanted to flaunt during those summer days, must begin months in advance.

With that said, more often than not, when people begin their journey to their summer body, the methods used to get there are not considered to be the best option, and often leads to not reaching the results you desired. When some become involved with a plan that is“last-minute” it often comes along with unhealthy methods. It is common to see others “ starve” themselves, but that triggers your body to hold onto your fat because it believes that you are in survival mode. In other words, avoid starving your body at all costs. You must eat in order to keep your body processes moving at a healthy rate, but most importantly, you need to get through your day. If you are low on energy, you cannot expect to perform to your potential. Unhealthy dieting methods o r excessive exercise is not the answer.

Starting your journey to your summer body early could very well lead to long-term effects. Your summer body regime may lead to a daily lifestyle. Choose to live in a world that dictates healthier ways of achieving your goals, and maintaining results in a more successful way. If you have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, no one is stopping you. Take each day at a time, and once you have gravitated and stuck to a routine, before you know it, it will transfer into the healthy lifestyle that you have always wanted. Your decision to start your transformation can lead to results that you may have never even thought about. It will not be easy, but taking small steps and making realistic goals and decisions will lead you down the correct path.

Making the first step is the easy part, but once you continue with your journey, the hardest part is to stick with it. If you truly want something, you must find your purpose and let that be your motivation. Only you can be the person to make that change, and it is your responsibility to work hard, and continue sticking to your daily regime in order to see results. It is never too early to work on your summer body. The amount of time you spend thinking about it could be spent towards achieving your goals. The time is NOW. There is no time for excuses.

Lori-Ann Marchese is the owner of Body Construct LLC in New Britain and a former cast member of the reality series, “Game of Crowns.”