Model Mob: Stylish holiday gifts


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With the winter giving over, the member of the Model Mob were asked what was their favorite fashionable gift?

Driena Baldwin said: Having been married and divorced with two children, I had kind of given up on the idea of love. However, things have a funny way of working out. I met Matthew in 2015, and we hit it off immediately. Never, did I think it would lead to him proposing to me on Christmas Eve in front of my immediate family. I had found love again, and love brought this gorgeous ring for me. It’s just my style, not too big or too small and it sparkles! Thanks Santa for bringing Matthew and my pretty new jewelry into my life.”

Aislinn Ennis, through her mother Margaret, said her “favorite fashion Christmas gifts this year are easy to spot. Like most teens, Aislinn loves VS Pink active gear and wears them everywhere. She is also a fan of jumpsuits and was thrilled to get this red Hollister pinstriped jumpsuit, which has pockets, a big plus. Paired with seasonal PacSun corduroy sherpa jacket, and these pieces become favorites because of their easy wear and transitioning for active life. And the special surprise was the custom T-shirt with her photo on it. Even more special was that the photo came from the LaBelle Kidz and Teen cover shoot with little sister Sinead. The smile in the photos says it all.”

Katerina Reichenbach said, through her mother Nicole, her “favorite fashion pieces received for Christmas are her Abercrombie & Fitch ripped jeans and her new Uggs. She loves this trendy and casual look.”

Michela Erska, through her mother, said, “Must have pieces from the holidays was Rose Gold, a top trend for this year. She got a rose gold jacket and rose gold cat ears to express her girly and playful side!”

Emma Crawford said: “My favorite gift I received for Christmas is my perfumes. I love the scent of Kate Spade’s perfume as well as Georgio Armani, very light and sweet smells. Happy Holidays to everyone!”


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