Stashing the sash fashion: Elite Connecticut 2019 American Woman of Service Darcy Castro


When you see them compete for a crown, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, business attire, and swimsuits or athleisure wear are the uniforms of necessity. But what do titleholders wear when the sash and crown are stashed away.

Meet the Elite Connecticut 2019 American Woman of Service Darcy Castro.

When she goes out-on-the-town for a fancy evening with her husband, Castro said, “As I’ve transitioned into new phases of life, I want to not only look my best, but also feel my best. I try to select pieces in my wardrobe that reflect that. Time ‘out on the town’ with my husband is precious, and hard to come by because of our large family and demanding schedules. My personal style tends to lean towards sophisticated while comfortable, and accentuate my best features as I crest into the middle-40s.”

When she’s taking it easy, Castro said “athelit-leisure” is her style.

“I lead a busy lifestyle managing my home, taking care of four kids, working out and maintaining my creative side as a writer and advocate for kids of parents diagnosed with a brain tumor. I need an outfit that is comfortable and can take me from getting my kids to where they need to go, but also helps me look and feel my best as I’m trying to pursue my goals. As an elite age division pageant title holder, I want my personal style to communicate that I am dedicated to my goals, my community and my family.”

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